Things to keep in mind before hiring a professional cleaner or commercial cleaning services in Sydney

Who doesn’t want their commercial office to be clean? It not only encourages employees to work more efficiently, but clients visiting the office for meetings and important consultations feel more welcoming with the ambience. With this, often one gets confused whether one should have a crew of cleaning on their payroll or hire commercial  cleaning services to handle those duties?

Both types of work have well-thought pros and cons, but the recommended step is to outsource the work of commercial cleaning service, especially in Sydney. A commercial cleaning company knows what is needed to keep an office sparkling clean and are willing to extend the work aspect of keeping it sparkling clean.

So, if you don’t have anyone who can handle important and necessary tasks like managing and disposing of waste from the waste buckets, vacuuming floors to washing the windows and are looking for professional cleaners from a commercial cleaning services in Sydney, here are some tips to help you in hiring a reliable, effective commercial cleaning company in Sydney.

  • A thorough background check

When it comes to finding a commercial cleaning company for the commercial office usage, it is an important step to ask all the right questions to get the right services and at the right price. Ask them the availability of their working days and hours, ‘would they work after your office closes and employees are gone home?’. Compare the rate cards and ask them the experience of their team members and if they handle multiple tasks for their projects.

  • List of their work for the services

When choosing a commercial cleaning company in Sydney, one should head out to do a little research regarding their previous work and feedback for customer satisfaction review. Checking a company’s overall quality and standing within a local business community not only ensures that a company you’re hiring is good but also eliminates possible risk factors.

  • Do they have liability insurance?

Before hiring commercial cleaning services in Sydney, go for the one that is able to provide proof of insurance and that they’re fully licensed. Ask for their worker’s compensation certificates and type of workers the company is hiring. It is important to check their business license as cleaning companies require their workers to go to heights of the building in order to clean the windows, knowing that they have accidental events covered that protects both you and the cleaner is not only a safer option but also ethical.

  • Hire only professional cleaners when it comes to commercial cleaning services in Sydney

Knowing how a professional cleaner is being hired from a commercial cleaning company, it’s procedures and vetting process. Enquire them about their professional procedure, ID batch and their behavioural pattern to ensure that it matches to your professional point of view.

 What is their business history?

Before hiring a cleaning company find out their history of service business, how is their track record? Do they achieve what they claim? Who are their clients and do they have a straight, clean record with their clients? When a commercial cleaning company of Sydney has an established process of working, they are more likely to do their service in a professional manner without causing any delay in work or leading to a chaotic scene. 

  • Checklist for their staff

With an established process of work, surely they have a checklist for their staff which includes the protocol that every cleaning worker has to follow to ensure that every corner of the office is clean. Checklists include, ‘what kind of cleaning supplies they use?’, ‘Can they identify and work on the tough spots and stains like mold and mildew?’, ‘what type of products do they use?’ and ‘do they list of covers including entryway, halls, kitchen with appliances, desks etc?’, ask these important questions before making a decision.

  • Does this company give you flexibility?

When it comes to a professional cleaning crew, a flexible timing slot is important, in case if you need your office available for a night meeting and then a cleaning crew can reschedule including later in the evening when everyone is gone. This kind of flexibility can help you save time and money.

A professional commercial cleaning service company in Sydney does more than just vacuuming the rug and emptying the wastebaskets, it is a critical role in keeping the workers healthy who strive to keep your commercial space clean. Professional cleaners know the concept of hygiene, and they can pay special attention in also disinfecting the common areas where the usual cleaning gathers for the cleaning.


If you are looking for professional cleaners in Sydney, opt for a cleaning service that is professional and has a flexible time slot when it comes to providing cleaning services in Sydney. SK Solutions Group offers commercial cleaning services using professional cleaners in Sydney. Contact us for more information.