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Electrical Test and Tag Sydney

By Collaborating with Test and Tag Experts, We Ensure Quality Results For Your Workplace A Process that is Smooth and Simple Certified and Skilled Technicians

Our workers are trained technicians, skilled and qualified for testing electrical test and tag equipment. They are some of the best in the services they provide, working efficiently and dynamically to help solve the root cause of the problem.

Helping you to avoid any unforeseen tragedies during work time, the skilled technicians at SK Solutions Group use the most appropriate electric test and tag equipment. We always ensure that the quality service we provide is legally acceptable. Our team uses specialist testing equipment to detect “invisible faults” that may be present in your workplace or household. Before the technicians begin with their expertise, they submit a full report to the owner, and after the acknowledgement of the fault status, they befittingly tag the equipment.

Importance of electrical test and tag equipment Sydney

It is essential on the part of household individuals, employers, and business owners that the electrical appliances installed in their respective spaces are safe and professionally inspected to avoid potentially dangerous accidents. It is important to examine all of your electrical tools for any potential faults due, for the following reasons:

  • Close assessment of your electrical tools will allow you to discover any hidden or broken connections in the appliances that need to be repaired. This guarantees equipment longevity and the security of your surroundings and personnel.
  • Sensitive electronic devices like TVs, printers, computers, other audio-visual appliances and kitchen appliances have to be kept secured from damage due to voltage fluctuation, over current, or power surges. The plugs and cords that secure your appliances to the electrical supply should also be regularly checked by experts to detect any damage from daily use.

Faults detected during these assessments will require electrical tests and tags that will prevent any possible risks due to these defective electronic devices. Furthermore, our test and tag services are affordably priced, helping save you money on replacing the inoperative devices with brand new, costly ones.


What Follows the Identification of Possible Defects?

Once an appliance is completely inspected for issues, it is followed by an electrical testing routine with a portable appliance tester. Upon completing the test, the appliance is tagged – the tag placed shows the tester in charge, the test date, and the next due testing date.

The devices that have begun to malfunction and are unsafe to use, are either removed and replaced or fixed and repaired, depending on the degree of damage and their status as “damage within or beyond repair”.

As the sole purpose of professional testing and tagging electrical equipment is to ensure the safety of the population in a workplace who are in close contact with the appliances, a report is formulated to outline the number of testing attempts required to minimise the risks. This report is highly dependent on the nature of the workplace and the damages to the appliance.

Reliable and Trusted electrical test and tag Company in Sydney

Being a responsible employer, or a business owner, it is your duty to ensure the health and safety of your workforce and workplace. Test and tag services in Sydney for the appliances that are present in your workplace, or are consistently used by your employees should be one of your prime focal points. Thus, SK Solutions provide you with test and tag services for all your electronic gadgets under the strict provision of our expertise. We only use the best quality equipment, meaning you can trust and rely on us. Once we take charge, your safety becomes our number one priority in our services.

Please don’t hesitate to give our experts a chance to secure your home and work environment. Live in peace while our expert technicians attend to the thorough inspection and testing of the equipment around you, whilst replacing and repairing them professionally as per their respective needs.

SK Solutions Group

SK Solutions Group in Sydney is made up of a team of knowledgeable and experienced specialists, who can provide tag and test electrical equipment in your neighbourhood. If you are in need of a test and tag company in Sydney or are looking for other quality services, please contact us on 1 300-371-131. Alternatively, you can also make a booking online to enquire about your specific needs.

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