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Ruber Surfacing

The fact is that even though Rubber Surfacing may appear to be a new product, it actually dates back almost 70 years when it was first created for running track applications in Europe. Rubber Surfacing for residential and commercial applications is fairly new and has been used throughout America, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe for about 30 years. Rubber Surfacing is made up of EPDM (virgin rubber) and recycled rubber granules mixed with a special patented polyurethane binder that is applied (poured) directly over existing cracked and uneven concrete, asphalt, tiles, stone and wood. You have probably seen Rubber Surfacing in your local playgrounds and splash pads at recreational facilities.

The reason why Rubber Surfacing is so popular for recreational applications is because of its safety and hard wearing properties. Rubber Surfacing can take the wear and tear of thousands of feet running across it over long periods of time. Rubber Surfacing can also be created to comply with Australian Fall Height Requirements which provide enough impact absorption to reduce injury in the event of an accident. Over the past thirty years Rubber Surfacing has been making its way into residential and commercial applications and can now be found around backyard pools, on a patio, walkways, entry foyers or a set of stairs, and even over the top of an old cracked asphalt driveway in the countries abovementioned. 

The benefits to using Rubber Surfacing are vast. Rubber Surfacing is naturally non-slip when wet or snow covered making it ideal for pool decks, walkways, and stairs where safety is paramount. Rubber Surfacing has a unique ability to expand and contract to accommodate for ground movement, extreme heat and cold. This unique ability drastically reduces cracking that you would commonly see in stone based products as a result of our ever changing climate. Rubber Surfacing is also seamless which eliminates the maintenance of removing weeds and it inhibits insects from making the surface their home.

You can also customize the surface with intricate inlay, design and colour combinations that will allow you to add your own artistic flair. One of the best features about Rubber Surfacing is its ability to be applied over your worn, cracked and uneven surface. Cracks, weeds and depressions are simply covered over and eliminated. Pool deck renovations become easy and cost effective, eliminating the need to remove old concrete and replace it with new concrete that may crack again. Not only is the replacement of stone based surfaces time consuming and costly it can also be frustrating. Rubber Surfacing applications usually only take one day with a dry time of about 24 hours. The possibilities for efficiency and cost effectiveness are endless.

Rubber Surfacing is the Ultimate Surfacing Solution.

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