Maintaining Industry Standards Of Cleaning During The Pandemic – A Guide

According to the statistics we hold, pandemics tend to take over the world at least once in a century. With the cholera pandemic during the early years of 1820, the Spanish flu pandemic in the years of 1920, and conclusively the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the need for medical growth increases every year. Luckily, we live in the age of major technological advancement, allowing us to hold advanced industrial cleaning services and standards. However, amid the pandemic, we need to go the extra mile and take care of both our homes and our offices. With trade works and industries back to work, it’s crucial for you, as a business owner, to do what you must to make sure that your employees are safe and your workspace is well sanitized. 

Learn about the SBS – Sick Building Syndrome

While coronavirus is a major concern in modern society, it’s important to remember that many suffer from other problems, that too, need attention. The sick building syndrome or SBS is a condition in which individuals tend to suffer from symptoms of rashes or respiratory issues – in an enclosed space. 

This syndrome is known to be caused due to poor air quality, however, the real cause is not known yet. 

The reason why you need to understand the details about this syndrome is that the symptoms of the condition are quite similar to that of COVID-19. However, these symptoms, if formed as a result of the SBS, tend to die down once the individual exits the building. 

The development of symptoms for either of the two can lead to problems in the workspace, especially since nothing can be confirmed until the individual that’s suffering gets a COVID-19 test done. 

How can I distinguish between the presence of the SBS or the coronavirus?

While the only true way of knowing whether you’re suffering from COVID-19 or SBS is through a COVID-19 test. No one can be certain whether the symptoms they’re suffering from SBS or coronavirus until a test has taken place. This is mainly due to the psychological problem of self-diagnosis in all human beings, which is why it’s recommended to consult a doctor if you feel unwell – no matter how minor or major the problem might be. 

Either way, the role comes down to the need for industrial cleaning services. For proper maintenance, you need to hire a professional cleaning service in Sydney to ensure the safety of your employees.

What does the industrial cleaning protocol look like?

As certified professionals of cleaning services in Sydney, the SK Solutions Group has provided commercial, residential, and industrial cleaning services during this time to guarantee that employees and their owners can continue to work without problems. 

Our industrial cleaning services in Sydney include the following protocol:

  • Having looked over the industrial cleaning protocol for the COVID-19 outbreak, we confirm that your industry will be as clean as the health and safety standards comply.  
  • Depending on the requirements you hold for your industrial ground, we provide customized industrial cleaning solutions to all of our customers.  
  • We’re known for our eye to detail – which allows us to deep clean your industrial location. When it comes to the industrial cleaning process, it’s important to reach and clean the places where you wouldn’t look twice otherwise, and we make it happen, easily.  
  • We know how important it is to be updated with technology, especially in the times of today. For this reason, we keep all of our equipment updated with the latest technology to warrant that you’re getting the best possible industrial cleaning service. 
  • We keep you updated with the entire process with complete transparency. For us, it’s extremely important to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the industrial cleaning service they receive.  
  • Lastly, we know how nerve-wracking it can be to open up your workspace during the pandemic. While it is inevitable to get back to work, the least we can do is make your work environment a safe place to work in. To comply, we work with cost and time-effective professional industrial cleaning services in Sydney.

What can I do to keep my workplace safe for my employees?

Industrial cleaning is capable of eradicating all the germs and diseases that were once sitting in your office, however, once the office reopens, it’s your duty to take care of your employees by ensuring that they’re following the coronavirus health and safety protocol. 

The industrial cleaning service allows you to get your workspace deep cleaned; however, the industrial cleaning holds no sense of importance if you fail to take the necessary precautions. Some of the precautions include:

  • Washing hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with an alcohol-based handwash. Humans touch their faces a minimum of 15 times in an hour, which is why it’s important to keep the hands as clean as possible. 
  • A hand sanitizer should be present on every desk for different teams, allowing them to keep their hands clean in case of contact or feared contamination. 
  • Wearing a mask to work is inarguably important. Since you will be holding meetings and conferences, it’s essential that you don’t end up breathing unfiltered air, for safety’s sake.  
  • For now, sharing isn’t caring. While you can sit with your fellow employees together whilst maintaining a fair distance, it’s important to not touch or share any of your items.

Lastly, we recommend opting for industrial cleaning as frequently as possible. This will allow in the eradication of any hint of disease on a daily basis. At the SK Solutions Group, we understand that it’s relatively hard to build a budget that’s profitable for the firm as of now, which is why we’re offering our professional industrial cleaning services in Sydney at a relatively low cost during the pandemic.

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