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Post Construction Cleaning Services in Sydney

As residential and commercial construction projects continue to become more abundant across a wide range of Sydney suburbs, the demand for post-construction cleaning Sydney also continues to rise. The process of construction cleaning must be undertaken with special attention to detail, care and safety. By carefully following these, issues such as the appropriate disposal of hazardous materials in a newly developed area are followed and kept to a high standard throughout the whole job.

Adequate construction cleaning in Sydney is essential for health reasons, hygiene purposes and sufficient safety measures. SK Solutions Group offers expert after construction cleaning in Sydney. We have extensive experience in both after builders cleaning in Sydney for residential and commercial projects. These range from new office builds, to smaller household renovations. We understand the requirements of the industry and the challenges that may come with a construction service. Thus, we always adapt our construction cleaning services to best suit the needs of our clients. Our approach is to offer a completely unique service with custom cleaning plans as part of affordable and efficient service.

Phases of Construction Cleaning for Sydney Job Sites

Our construction services in Sydney are available in three distinct phases, that match the job at hand. This is all dependent on the progress of a development project and includes:

Phase 1- Pre-Construction:

Before the real hard work starts, we ensure to appropriately clean the site, sheds, offices and any other facilities that may be present. This is relevant for installations, additions, rental business and so forth.

Phase 2- Throughout:

During a construction project, cleaning will also be required in the midst of all that is occurring, particularly if the job involves a large amount of debris or used materials. This could involve the cleaning of external areas after the scaffolding has been removed or a consistent removal of hazardous material. This phase is continuous until the project has been completed, and available on a per need basis. Maintaining a healthy, safe and hygienic area is crucial for the on-site staff and the success of the job at hand.

Phase 3- Post building cleaning services Sydney

This final step is often what people think of most when dealing with builders cleaning services in Sydney, as it involves the final clean after the completion of a construction project. Our team ensures that the site is left as clean as possible before the building for the project is ready to be used. In general, this after construction cleaning in Sydney includes:

  • Thorough removal of dust and dirt
  • Polishing floors, walls and all other surfaces (interior and exterior)
  • Carpet cleaning where required
  • Power washing service
  • Floor sealing and more
  • Pressure washing services

Whether involved in a small residential construction project such as a renovation or small addition, or a commercial project such as building a new apartment block, construction cleaning is an essential element to consider. At each phase of construction, a clean environment is important for all stakeholders. In the long-term, effective cleaning from early on in the process is far more time and cost-efficient for your project.

SK Solutions Group for Post Construction Cleaning Services in Sydney

SK Solutions in Sydney are made up of an experienced team of professional cleaners, who provide a wide range of constructing cleaning services. If you are searching for high-quality post-construction cleaning services in Sydney, please contact us on 1 300-371-131, or you can make a booking online to enquire about the relevant services for your job.


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