Benefits to a Rubber Surface

Rubber Surfacing is what we do and there’s no secret as to why we dedicate our days to this amazing surfacing solution: the benefits are astounding!

Rubber Surfacing is naturally non-slip even when wet or snow covered

Rubber Surfacing can be applied directly over cracked concrete eliminating                

depressions and renovating almost any surface type

Rubber Surfacing has a high stretching threshold; the result is its ability to expand

and contract to accommodate for ground movement and freeze-thaw cycles. This unique ability minimises cracking.

Rubber Surfacing is soft on bare feet and completely seamless. This benefit removes trip hazards and unsafe concrete around pool decks.

Rubber Surfacing comes in a variety of colours and can be accurately matched to your existing interior or exterior décor.

Rubber Surfacing is a great alternative to concrete renovation. No need to replace, just cover, level and enjoy.

Rubber Surfacing is safe and can be cushioned to comply with Australian fall height requirements making it ideal for children’s playground and play areas.

Rubber Surfacing is customizable! Creating unique designs and logos to suit any clients artistic flair.

Rubber Surfacing is tough and can withstand extreme heat and extreme cold.

Rubber Surfacing stays looking great. Cracking and potting a virtually eliminated keeping your rubber surface looking great for many years.

Rubber Surfacing eliminates grass and weed growth completely.

Rubber Surfacing eliminates ant nests.

Rubber Surfacing requires no extra maintenance.

Rubber Surfacing is easy to clean and usually only requires being sprayed with a garden hose.

Rubber Surfacing is ‘poured-in-place’ making repairs blend evenly and virtually seamless.