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Founded on the core service principles of reliability and consistency. SK Solutions Group discovered that clients across all sectors had a strong desire for service solutions that are intuitive & customer focused were in high demand – then SK Solutions Group was born.

Delivering Integrated services in Sydney, SK Solutions Group highly evolved management systems provide its clients with a partner that delivers consistency across a multi-dimensional core service offering with its technically trained staff and supervision framework that delivers results on every occasion.

SK Solutions Group – Professional Cleaning Company In Sydney

Looking for a complete solution provider for all your needs? Look no further than SK Solution Group! We provide top-quality professional cleaning services and maintenance services. No matter what service you need, you can trust us to provide the best possible service at the most competitive rates.

We provide the best cleaning service that takes care of all the details, even the minor ones. We use hand tools, vacuums and eco-friendly detergents to get the job done. The company also offers other services such as floor concrete grinding, test and tag for electrical appliances, wiring and main electricity supply, and epoxy flooring. The aim is to provide customers with a one-stop-shop for all their needs. Professionalism, perfection and outstanding results are what they strive for.

In Sydney, Australia, SK Solutions Group offers services, from standard cleaning to more specialised tasks like epoxy flooring.SK Solutions Group consistently produces outcomes with its technically trained crew for performing their roles and responsibilities. We promise perfection and cater to both one-time customers and those who need regular maintenance.

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Customer focus and a commitment to providing the right tailored solution have seen SK Solutions Group expand its operations from professional cleaning services in Sydney to a fully integrated service provider that has the expertise and resources to deliver multiple service streams no matter the challenge presented by the client or the environment.

SK Solution Group’s consistent investment in research and development provides its clients exclusive access to technologies. SK as a cleaning services company in Sydney has developed its own brand of sustainable cleaning products to provide clients with the best value available through its proven range of products.

SK Solution Group is a leading cleaning services company continued success has been the core of its foundations which are built on its strong value system coupled with a consistent and reliable service delivery making SK the contractor of choice for its clients and partners throughout Australia – THE SOLUTION FOR YOU.

We Offer Extensive Cleaning Services In Sydney

  • Move-in cleaning includes cleaning the kitchen, kitchenette, pantry, service exits, storage rooms, and laundry room.
  • Tracks, sills, nets, glass dusting, and deep cleaning of windows (including frames).
  • Balconies: dusting and cleaning with high-pressure machines of the ceiling, walls, floor cleaners for vinyl floors, and fence.
  • Cleaning, professional carpet cleaning, steaming, sanitizing, and removal of paint/glue/cement stains on ceilings, walls, and floors
  • Cleaning and disinfecting cabinets, drawers, shelves, and counter-tops from the inside out
  • We offer professional home and office cleaning in Sydney
  • Faucets sink, and drains should be cleaned, sanitized, and polished.
  • Sanitising and polishing of all light fixtures, door knobs, high-touch points, plugs, and handles

What We Do?

Office Cleaning

Your office space might look clean to you, but there are several germs, dust and dirt floating around, which could be harmful to your employees. We at SK Solutions Group provide you with professional commercial office cleaning services in Sydney to ensure that your employees work safely.

Test & Tags

The quality outcome is what defines Sk Solutions Group. We have collaborated with test and tag experts to solve the root cause of the problem and provide you peace of mind. We contain trained technicians, skilled and qualified for testing electrical test and tag equipment (single or 3-phase) to help you avoid potentially dangerous accidents at your workplace.

Epoxy Flooring

Are you searching for a complete and best Epoxy Flooring Service in Sydney? If yes, then Sk Solutions Group is here to provide you with exceptional Epoxy flooring services in Sydney to ensure that you get high durability and quality outcomes. Our expert team contains versatile knowledge and practical experience to give you everything that you are looking for.

Why Choose Us?

Professional Cleaning Service in Sydney is an exclusive service for those who want meticulous care for their offices and commercial buildings. If you’re searching for a cleaning session like no other, this service is what you’ve been looking for.

This service takes care of all the details, even the minor ones. We clean and disinfect the surroundings, making sure that the place is not just clean but also hygienic for you to breathe in with our Premium Hygiene Services and Floor Maintenance.

Though Professional Cleaning is our forte, we do have a wide range of services in our portfolio, such as Floor Concrete Grinding, Test & Tag for Electrical Appliances as well as Wiring & Main Electricity Supply, and even Epoxy Flooring for your Waterproofing needs. Our set of services wouldn’t be a one-time thing to do; rather, we’ll make sure to strive for perfection in our work and get you some outstanding results. Cleaning service is performed using hand tools, vacuums, and Diversely eco-friendly detergents.

Better Solutions

Looking for quick and Better Solutions for your business? You are at the right place our professional team will help you to solve the problems.

Time Saving

Save your time by hiring our professional team because they are more efficient and get the job done quickly.

Best in Quality

Our all services are carried out using the latest low-impact machinery, designed to give you the best possible results.

Healthier environment

Our goal is to provide you better services as well as healthier and safe environment to protect you and community.

Professional Services

Our staffs are well trained, polite, honest, presentable and efficient. We know our work better than others.

Pay for Quality Work

You are not just paying for your work but you are paying for quality work. We charge affordable prices to all our customers.

Our Clients

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Angelina Fowler
Angelina Fowler
Awsome total package for cleaning services and very good pricing, would use them again in future, and would recommend them to all looking for a cleaning service to hire.
Lynn Smith
Lynn Smith
Experienced and professional service shows they have experience. Good pricing great overall package. Will use them again and recommend them to all looking for a cleaning service.
Bryan Richards
Bryan Richards
Exceptional overall experience, great service good pricing dedicated team will take care of all your cleaning needs. 5 stars! Will use them again and recommend them to everyone.
James I. Backer
James I. Backer
Wonder full experience, definitely recommend them to anyone, great price and professional service. Recommend them to any one looking to hire a cleaning service.
Leonard Evanson
Leonard Evanson
Surprisingly fast and efficient, very professional and easy going people. Particular about the time limitations and offer great pricing, excellent job! Would recommend them to all who seek a cleaning service
Angela Smith
Angela Smith
Hats to their team, wonder full experience very professional at a great price. Amazed by their overall service, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional cleaning service.
John Nicholas
John Nicholas
Great people to work with, very professional know their time limits reasonably priced. Will use them in future and definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a cleaning service.
Bruce Cozart
Bruce Cozart
Great service, timely and unbeatable prices, a very decent overall package. I would recommend them to every one looking for a great service in a timely fashion. Will use them again in future.
Allen Gubman
Allen Gubman
Affordable and very professional you can tell by their work they have years of experience. Definitely use them again and recommend them to all looking for a cleaning service. Very time-efficient five stars!
Gray Holfman
Gray Holfman
Best pest control guys ever their technicians will take care of every thing, very professional and on time. Will use them again and would recommend them any day of the week.

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